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The two main approaches for using LinkedIn for lead generation are to provide prospects information about your company directly on LinkedIn and to start the conversation on LinkedIn.

Moreover, there are many reasons why LinkedIn should be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy.

It’s time to get started and learn how to use LinkedIn for business marketing!

6 Primary Ways You Can Use Linkedin to Generate Leads for Your Business:

  1. When people ask questions about the business to get the advice you should help them using “LinkedIn Answers” because you’re an industry insider with a lot of knowledge.
  2. “LinkedIn Applications” is one of the most interesting places to visit on LinkedIn. You can add new and interesting apps to improve the experience people have on your LinkedIn page.
  3. You can get benefits from “LinkedIn Groups” also. You need to join groups that are outside your industry that might help you grow your business not just joining the obvious groups in your industry.
  4. People looking for jobs and B2B owners who want to get their foot in the door at a large corporation. So, you can use “LinkedIn People” to do searches for your target company.
  5. “LinkedIn Direct Ads” is an advertising program that can be used to drive new prospects to your landing page, LinkedIn group or other destination.
  6. Use “LinkedIn Mobile App” when you want to share your contacts. LinkedIn will transfer your contact information between phones using Bluetooth without any mistakes.
How To Use Linkedin For Business: Find out the best ways to use LinkedIn for business, how to build your LinkedIn marketing strategy, benefits of using LinkedIn for business, how to get business from LinkedIn & much more

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The Table of Content of “How to Use LinkedIn for Business” Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Mistake 1: Not Knowing Your Audience
  • Mistake 2: Ignoring Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mistake 3: Obsessing Over Being #1
  • Mistake 4: No Social Media Strategy
  • Mistake 5: Using the Same Tactics on Every Channel
  • Mistake 6: Focusing on the Wrong Metrics
  • Mistake 7: Not Testing Properly (Or at All)
  • Mistake 8: Falling Behind the Times
  • Conclusion

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