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Your Brain on Email: The Science to Winning the Inbox, Volume 1 | Emma

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Scientists have been conducting research for years to uncover the secrets of the human mind. In this regard, Emma, the leading email marketing platform, thought about if brain science can be applied to email marketing and concluded that in fact, it can.

So, this guide uncovered 6 brain science facts that, if implemented correctly, can result in much better engagement from inside your customers’ inboxes. Moreover, these brain science facts are backed with examples of how brands are using them to get better results in the inbox.

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Download the First Volume of the Guide, to Find Out:

  • Brilliant examples of how brands are using the six brain science facts to get better results in the inbox.
  • The great importance of the email subject line and pretext to increase email engagement rates.
  • The power of nostalgia and how positive feelings stemming from this have a positive impact on buying decision.
The 6 fascinating brain science facts complete with examples of how brands are using them to get better results in the inbox: The Von Restorff Effect to win email marketing

The Von Restorff Effect – Download the Full Guide and Learn More About the Von Restorff Effect and How to Use It in Email Marketing Campaigns

The Content of “Your Brain on Email: The Science to Winning the Inbox” Volume 1 Guide:

  • Abstract
  • Methods
    1. Zeigarnik Effect (Don’t Give ‘em All the Goods Right Away.)
    2. The Amygdala (Want Better Results? Light Up the Lizard Brain.)
    3. Noble Edge Effect (Do Good Things. Your Audience Will Return the Favor.)
    4. Nostalgia (Remind Us of the Good Ol’ Days, and Reap the Benefit Today.)“`
    5. Von Restorff Effect (if It Looks Weird, We’ll Remember It.)
    6. Social Default Bias (We’re All a Bunch of Copycats—when No One’s Looking.)
  • Conclusion

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