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When creating content it is highly important to know what attracts the audience and what will bring high engagement rates. It is a fact that over 70% of ALL web traffic now comes from video, so you better consider this when creating content. This Youtube SEO CheatSheet will provide you with tricks to help you with your content.

Before starting with this, video is now the primary way people want to learn, interact, and shop online. Also, the search engines are already choosing a video in their search results even if it is newer and has less authority than the similar content in written form. You no longer have a choice if you want to deliver your content via video or not.

Download the “Content Samurai” full YouTube SEO guide and learn more about:

  • The proven formula for writing video titles that get more clicks.
  • 3 tags your YouTube video must have to maximize your traffic potential.
  • The single most significant factor that impacts video rankings, and how to nail it by “opening a loop” at the start of each video.
  • 7 simple tricks for generating natural inbound links, and how to give your video a traffic jump-start immediately after you upload it.
  • 3 “psychological video triggers” that put people in a trance-like state glued to your video till the very end – and why this is essential for earning stable rankings.

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The Top 5 YouTube SEO Tricks:

Bear in mind these tricks and you will have a significant engagement rate.

1. YouTube Title: The title is what catches the eye first so it is better to keep it short -less than 10 words is ideal-, to the point, add your keyword, include numbers if you can, and include a specific benefit. Readable is a quick way to check if you are being too clever, your title should be readable and aim to keep it under 8th grade.

2. Write a killer description: Here’s a good format for great video description, it should be at least 150 words and pay attention to the first two sentences, add your primary call to action with a URL.

3. Tags are crucial: YouTube only allows 500 characters for tags, Market Samurai is a perfect tool for using specific tags, make sure to use tags which are general words to describe your video such as “DIY”, make sure to use contextual single word tags which are keywords that describe your videos general field of interest such as “camping”.

4. Make your thumbnail pop: your thumbnail will often determine the success or failure of your video before anyone has ever watched it, make your video stand out, Canva is a great tool for creating eye-popping thumbnails drag and drop easily; it is a good idea to add text to your thumbnail, review your thumbnail at a small scale, additionally, you should use graphics or screenshots from within your video or at least something close.

YouTube SEO Tips - YouTube SEO Examples

Examples of Adding Text on YouTube Videos

5. Add music to boost the emotional impact: everything includes music because it is an effective way to intensify the emotional impact of a video with little effort. so adding music will give an energy boost to your video and won’t make it boring.

Make sure to check the full guide for further tricks and tools to make better use of your video content on Youtube.

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The Table of Content of ” The Ultimate Youtube SEO CheatSheet”:

  • Introduction
    1. Have an awesome title – your first impressions matter
    2. Write a killer description- spell the click
    3. Tag it properly- or no one will find it
    4. Make your thumbnail pop- looks do matter
    5. Upload in high definition
    6. Transcribe it properly
    7. Video length: 5-10 minutes is about the sweet spot
    8. Use “open loops” to hook them in
    9. Add motion to create a feast for the eyes
    10. Add music to boost the emotional impact
    11. Link to your other videos at the end of using “end screens”
    12. Skyrocket your video views and watch time with playlists
    13. Tell them what to do next with a “call to action”
    14. Videos with monetization enabled go viral
    15. Give your video a jump-start with strategic link-building
    16. Piggyback trends to fast track growth
    17. Boost “watch time minutes” to fast track growth
    18. Schedule it to maximize subscriber views
  • Conclusion
  • Cheatsheet at a glance
  • What to do next

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