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Only 41% of Online Shoppers in the Middle East are Domestic Shoppers, 2016 | PayPal

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In the Middle East, 13% of online shoppers are cross-border shoppers, and 46% of them are shopping domestically and cross-border, while only 41% of shoppers stated that the shop only from domestic sources. These figures show how many shoppers find a limited selection in local online stores; this is why they prefer cross-border e-commerce.
Latin Americas‘ online shoppers come next with a limited share of domestic shopping (43%);  while 42% of them are shopping domestically and cross-border, and 15% of them are shopping always from cross-border sources.

13% of Online Shoppers in the Middle East Are Cross-Border Shoppers, 2016 PayPal

A Graph Shows The Percentage of The Global Cross Border Shopping.


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