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What We Know About Today’s Consumer, 2019?

Consumer Behavior | Global

Digital shoppers appear to use a two-stage process in reaching a purchasing decision. Initially, consumers typically screen a large set of products in order to identify a subset of promising alternatives that appear to meet their needs. They then evaluate the subset in greater depth, performing relative comparisons across products based on some desirable attributes and making a purchasing decision.

Take a glance at the digital consumer attitudes in 2019:

  • 50% of surveyed digital consumers indicated that they research brands and products using search engines, while 41% mentioned that they research brands and products via social networks.
  • 59% of surveyed online shoppers reported that their most online purchasing driver is the free delivery option.
  • 67% of surveyed consumers said that smartphones are their most important device used for accessing the internet.
  • 73% reported that they second-screen using their mobile phones while also watching TV.
  • 44% of surveyed online consumers are now using ad-blocking programs for blocking online ads.
  • Online consumers have an average of 8 social media accounts up from 3 accounts in 2013.
Online Shoppers insights in 2019

A Figure Shows Online Consumers Insights in 2019.


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