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64% of US Teachers Are Buying Classroom Items Every Month or Few Months, 2017 | SheerID & Agile

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49% of teachers in the US cited that they prefer to shop for classroom items online, compared to 22% prefer to do so in-store.

In terms of frequency of purchasing, 36% of them shop every few months, 28% shop every month, 22% shop before the school year starts and 6% said they only shop as needed.

On the other hand, 85% reported that they don’t currently use crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe to raise the funds for their classrooms, while 25% would do so in the future.

64% of US Teachers Are Shopping For Classroom Items Every Month or Few Months, 2017 | SheerID & Agile Education Marketing

A frequency of Shopping for Classroom Items in The USA by Teachers in 2017.

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