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Brands Reported That It is Hard to Hand Over the Digital Campaign Data Analysis Task to Artificial Intelligence With Rate of 59%, 2018 | Albert

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AI marketing is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts like machine learning in marketing strategies to anticipate the customer next move and improve the customer journey through relevant content and individualized automation. For many marketers, the problem with marketing today isn’t a lack of knowledge or skill to create personalized campaigns, but a shortage of time. With so many different opportunities to collect so much data from customers, there’s no way for a single person to take that data, uncover insights, and then set up automated marketing campaigns for each individual.

Take a glance at the most difficult marketing task to be handed over to AI:

  • 59% of surveyed brands reported that it is hard to hand over the digital campaign data analysis task to artificial intelligence.
  • 29% indicated that it is hard to hand the budget allocations task to the artificial intelligence.
  • 24% mentioned that it is hard to give the artificial intelligence the media buying channels task.
The Most Difficult Marketing Task To Hand Over To AI, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Most Difficult Marketing Task To Be Handed Over To AI, 2018.


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