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AI & Automation Will Increase Vulnerability & Disruption to The Way That CEOs Do Business With a Rate of 77%, 2018 | PWC

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Artificial intelligence-led services, among others, are already permeating our lives, with many more business use cases being analyzed and new technologies developed. As rapid advances begin to change industries, markets and the competitive landscape. Organizations are facing pressure to design, build, and deploy AI systems that deserve trust and inspire it.

Take a glance at what holds the AI implementation in enterprises:

  • 77% of surveyed CEOs mentioned that the AI will increase vulnerability and disruption to the way they do business.
  • 76% reported that it will be potential for biases and lack of transparency.
  • 73% indicated that ensuring governance and rules to control AI is what holds the AI back in their enterprises.

    Reasons of Holding AI Back in The Enterprises, 2018.

    A Graph Shows The Reasons of Holding AI Back in The Enterprises, 2018.


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