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The B2C Marketers’ Opinions About Content Marketing in Their Organizations, 2019

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B2C content marketers are focusing on the audience more than their brands. You will find out that the created content is designed to attract and retain an audience more than broadcasting information about brand products or services. Social media has become a major content sharing platform as individuals are more likely to engage with content and share their feelings on certain topics. Statistics always proves that the effectiveness of content marketing for companies in the B2C space is just getting better and better each year.

Take a glance at the B2C marketers’ opinion about content marketing in their organizations, 2019:

  • 52% of surveyed B2C marketers strongly agree that their organization is concerned with creating content that builds loyalty with existing customers.
  • 51% reported that they strongly agree that their audience views their organization as a trusted resource.
  • 39% of surveyed B2C marketers mentioned that they strongly agree that their organization values the creativity and craft in content creation and production.
  • 37% indicated that there is content marketing buy-in from the highest levels in their organizations.
B2C Marketers’ Opinions About Content Marketing in Their Organization 2019

A Graph Shows The B2C Marketers Opinions About Content Marketing in Their Organizations, 2019.

Customers engage with content when it’s valuable, easy to find and easy to read. This tactic doesn’t require a new way of writing, but attention to details. These core tenets apply across the board, from blogs and whitepapers to infographics, videos, and even email marketing campaigns.

Take a glance at the factors that B2C marketers consider while creating content for their organizations, 2019:

  • 66% of surveyed B2C marketers reported that they frequently consider prioritizing the audience’s informational needs over their sales or promotional messages.
  • 62% of B2C marketers indicated that they consider prioritizing delivering the right content to the right audiences at optimal times frequently.
  • 56% mentioned that they always consider crafting content based on specific points/stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • 52% of surveyed B2C marketers said that they frequently consider using the storytelling tactic while creating content for their organizations.
Concepts that B2C marketers take into account while creating content for their organizations in 2019

A Graph Shows The Factors That B2C Marketers Consider While Creating Content For Their Organizations, 2019.

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