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Baby Boomer Consumer Values in 2019

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The generation that often gets overlooked is baby boomers. More importantly, this generation now constitutes the wealthiest age group in this century. But marketers find boomers difficult to target. Members of the baby boomer generation have passed through endless malls and stores over the years, and they’ve seen it all in terms of selling strategies. Thus, offering an in-store experience tailored to boomers’ specific needs is absolutely essential for retailers who hope to set themselves apart. While reaching for their sales objectives, store associates should also focus on finding the perfect product targeted to these customers’ unique tastes.

Take a glance at the baby boomers consumer values in 2019:

  • 51% of surveyed baby boomers reported that the price is more important than the brand name when they buy a product.
  • 42% of surveyed baby boomers mentioned that they tend to buy the premium version of a product.
  • 35% of surveyed baby boomers said that they are proactive about investing money.
  • 30% of baby boomers indicated that money is the best measure of success.
  • 26% of surveyed baby boomers consider themselves much more affluent than the average.
Baby Boomers online shopping Facts

A Graph Shows The Baby Boomers Consumer Values, 2019.


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