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Books, Music, Movies & Video Games Are Preferred to be Bought Online Vs. In-Store, 2017 | PWC

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Consumers prefer to go to the store – showroom – look at and try the products in case purchasing products such as furniture, homeware, and household appliance.

The showroom model is also favorable for differentiated products. This kind of products are difficult to be sold online, by displaying these products in a showroom, skilled and attentive sales staff, because the consumers prefer to browse, examine these items and even seek out advice about what to buy, as examples mentioned below via a global survey asked nearly 25,000 online shoppers respondents:

  • 60% of consumers surveyed prefer to buy online books, music, movies and video games versus 28% prefer in-store.
  • 44% prefer to buy in-store the sports equipment/outdoor versus 36% online.
  • 51% prefer to buy consumer electronics and computers in-store versus 43% online.
  • 70% prefer to buy grocery in-store versus 23% online.
  • Online toys hold a rate of 39% versus in-store 37%. It is the only product closing the gap, with preference to purchase almost equal across both channels.

Books, Music, Movies & Video Games are Preferred to be Bought Online Vs. In-Store, 2017 PWC


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