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Millennials Top Brand Advocacy Motivation Factors, 2019

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Customer advocacy aims to build deeper customer relationships by earning new levels of trust and commitment and by developing mutual transparency, dialogue, and partnership with customers.

A customer advocacy brand can consist of a value network of multiple online and offline partner brands. Their offering departs from the tradition where sellers compete to offer part-solutions to meet consumer need sets, rather, customer advocacy networks are formed of clusters of partners whose participation is enabled by network forms of brand collaboration and value-exchange.

Customer advocacy is an advanced form of market-orientation that responds to the new drivers of consumer choice, involvement and knowledge.

Take a glance at the millennials’ top brand advocacy drivers, 2019:

  • High-quality products are ranked as the top brand advocacy motivation factor by surveyed millennials with a rate of 47%.
  • Rewards and discounts are ranked as the second brand advocacy reason by surveyed millennials with a rate of 40%.
  • Love for the brands comes next as a brand advocacy driver by surveyed millennials with a rate of 34%.
  • Receiving a great customer service also lists as a brand advocacy motivation factor by surveyed millennials with a rate of 31%.
Brand Advocacy Motivations 2019

A Figure Shows The Millennials Generation Brand Advocacy Motivations Reasons, 2019


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