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Images Are The Most Shared Type of Content on Social Media Platforms With a Rate of 95%, 2018 | Buffer & Social Media Week

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Finding the best type of content to feed audience on social media platforms can seem overwhelming. The best types of content for social media are the ones that are tailored to answer the demand on a certain social media platform. Each platform has its own users, and each is used with different intent. The first step to getting the best out of social media marketing is to understand how people use social networks, what they are looking for, and what type of content that generates the most reactions.

Take a glance at the most type of content that business share on social media platforms:

  • Images are ranked as the most used content type by businesses to share on social media with a rate of 95%.
  • Links come at next as a content type that business shares it the most with a rate of 85%.
  • Written content comes at next as a content type used to be shared on social media with a rate of 80%.
The Types of Content That Business Share on Social Media.

A Graph Shows The Types of Content That Businesses Share on Social Media.


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