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Criteria of Finding The Perfect Influencer For Companies/Brands, 2018

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The online influencers are getting ranked on their content and their audience due to the brand or company industry sector, Influencers are typically specialized in a specific topic or category. Mapping out the relevant context for the brand is essential to improving relevance in the target audience for sure quality beats quantity. This is an important argument for taking a look at the posts already published by the selected influencers, rather than just looking at the raw data. Many influencer marketing platforms give you a glimpse of the content created by the influencers in their database so you can quickly form a first opinion.

Take a glance at the criteria of choosing online influencers by brands/companies, 2018:

  • Credibility/Reputation of the influencer is ranked as the most important factor of choosing online influencers with a rate of 57%.
  • The quality of the followers that the influencer has is ranked as the second important criteria when choosing online influencer at a rate of 50%.
  • The topics that the influencer writes or speak about comes at next as important criteria for in-order of choosing online influencer with a rate of 39%.
  • The influencer transparent and discloses the commercial relationship also listed as important criteria for choosing online influencers at a rate of 32%.
The Criteria of Choosing Online Influencers, 2018

A Graph Shows The Criteria in Order of Importance For Companies When Choosing Online Influencers, 2018.

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