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Important Factors That Expected to Drive Data-driven Marketing & Media Initiatives, 2019

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Data-driven marketing (DDM) is top of mind for brand and agency executives. Data-driven marketing, in theory, is about better using the flood of customer-related data to integrate and optimize marketing efforts in the age of an empowered consumer and big data. Today’s marketing has shifted from being a discipline close to communications to a discipline incorporating more scientific, technical and strategic responsibilities. Marketing professionals are tasked with quantifying, executing, measuring and expanding a growth strategy based on customer-centric approaches and data-driven decisions.

Take a glance at the most important factors that expected to drive the data-driven marketing and media initiatives in a year ahead, 2019:

  • Demand/interest from customers is ranked as the main factor that expected to drive data-driven marketing and media initiatives a year ahead with a rate of 69.4%.
  • The growing emphasis on investment measure-ability/accountability is ranked as the second most important factor that expected to drive data driven-marketing and media initiatives in a year ahead with a rate of 47.2%.
  • General desire to be more “customer-centric” comes at next as a factor that drives data-driven marketing to companies with a rate of 38.9%.
  • Competitive pressures also listed as a factor that expected to drive data-driven marketing and media initiatives with a rate of 37.5%
Factors do you expect will be most important in driving your data‐driven marketing and media initiatives in the year ahead.

A Graph Shows The Factors That Expected to Be The Most Important In Driving Companies Data-Driven Marketing and Media Initiatives in a Year Ahead, 2019.


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