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Main Barriers of Gaining Value From Data-driven Marketing, 2019

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A data-driven marketing strategy enables data-driven decision-making using technology and applications that help a business achieve its strategic imperatives. Data strategy must be driven by the business not only by the technology that services the business. Data has the potential to be the most valuable marketing resource. With the right information in hand, marketers can create scalable, repeatable marketing processes. They can let campaigns run on autopilot, so they can focus on the creative side of testing and optimization.

Take a glance at the main challenges that can impede the value of data-driven marketing & media initiatives in a year ahead, 2019:

  • Government regulations are ranked as the main obstacle/challenge of gaining value from data-driven marketing and media initiatives with a rate of 52.8%.
  • Siloed organizational structure/poor data sharing is ranked as the second challenge of taking value from data-driven marketing and media initiatives with a rate of 34.7%.
  • Difficulty in proving the ROI of data‐driven programs come at next as a challenging barrier of driving value from data-driven marketing with a rate of 33.3%.
  • Lack of internal experience (at the functional/operational level) also listed as an obstacle of gaining value from data-driven marketing with a rate of 29.2%.
Challenges that may impede that ability to deploy or derive value from your data‐driven marketing and media initiatives in the year ahead 2019

A Graph Shows The Challenges That May Impede The Ability of Driving Value From Data-driven Marketing and Media Initiatives, 2019.


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