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Link Building is The Most Difficult Search Engine Optimization Tactic to Be Implemented at a Rate of 52%, 2017 | Ascend2

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One of the main marketing strategies that can help online retailers build a successful Internet business is search engine optimization (SEO), the process of tailoring websites to the algorithms that search engines use to rank websites based on “signals” that the site emits. When it comes to online marketing, most businesses rely excessively on web analytics to decide what was effective or not. What they find affects future decisions about where to invest time and money.

Take a glance at the most difficult SEO tactics to be implemented:

  • Link building is the most difficult search engine optimization tactic to be implemented at a rate of 52%.
  • Website structure is ranked as the second most difficult tactic with a rate of 39%.
  • Off-page content comes at next with a rate of 35%.
The Most Difficult SEO Tactics to be Implemented, 2017.

A Graph Shows The Most Difficult SEO Tactics to Implement, 2017.


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