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71% of Digital Marketers Apply Their Personalization Experiences to Email Content, 2018 | Evergage

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In terms of digital personalization, there is no doubt that online marketers agree that personalization is important to their success. However, some of them are struggling to implement personalized content in their marketing strategies. Certain types of businesses have become very skilled at delivering personalized services to their consumers/clients.

Take a quick glance at where digital marketers implement their personalization experiences:

  • 71% of surveyed online marketers reported that they apply personalization to their email content.
  • 54% of digital marketers mentioned that they apply their personalization experience in the web pages most often personalized are home pages.
  • 37% indicated that they implement personalization to landing pages followed by 28% who reported that they deploy their personalization experiences to the interior web pages.
  • 27% of surveyed digital marketers reported that they are applying personalization to product detail pages.
Top Channels That Digital Marketers Apply Their Personalization Experiences To in 2018

A Graph Shows The Most Channels That Marketers Apply Personalizations For in 2018.


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