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Email Marketing is The Most Used Marketing Channel That Offers The Highest Measurable Revenue Impact in India With a Rate of 28%, 2018

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The key to any successful marketing strategy is to measure the results of a campaign to identify trends and improve ROI. It is important to start by setting measurable goals that hold teams accountable for meeting objectives and understanding the significance behind the data by creating a process structure that carefully monitors data, brands can adjust campaigns based on obstacles and opportunities discovered through analysis and improve conversion rates.

Take a glance at the digital marketing channels that deliver the highest revenue in India, 2018:

  • Email marketing is ranked as the top digital marketing channel that offers the highest measurable revenue impact by digital marketers in India with a rate of 28%.
  • Paid search is ranked as the second digital marketing channel that offers high profit for businesses at a rate of 27%.
  • Facebook comes at next as a used digital marketing channel by Indian digital marketers at a rate of 21%.
  • Linked-in is listed as digital marketing channel that delivers high revenue for each rupee of marketing investment with a rate of 13%.
The Digital Marketing Channels That Offers The Highest Profit Impact in India

A Graph Shows The Digital Marketing Channels That Offers The Highest Profit Impact in India, 2018.


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