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The Consumers’ Digital Shopping Online Or Mobile Important Features Wish List , 2019

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Online shoppers nowadays need to be offered convenience and instant ease-of-access to online stores, no matter what device they’re using. The online stores should be built on a responsive design template and its features need to be available to all users, at any time, and from anywhere. Customer experience is the experience a customer has when they interact with brands, and digital customer experience management is understanding how they interact with brands online. Organizations today are creating emotional connections with their users on their mobile devices, that lets their customers provide feedback, and respond to those issues.

Take a glance at the consumers’ digital shopping wish list online or mobile, 2019:

  • Websites or applications loads quickly is ranked as the most important feature that surveyed consumers need it with a rate of 57%.
  • Appealing design and videos are ranked as the second most important feature in the digital shoppers’ wish list with a rate of 54%.
  • Digital coupons or online rewards/loyalty applications also listed as an important feature that surveyed digital shoppers needs it with a rate of 45%.
  • Online ordering for instant pick-up at the store come at next as an important feature for surveyed consumers in their digital shopping wish list with a rate of 43%.
The Consumers’ Digital Shopping Wish List Online or Mobile, 2019.

A Graph Shows The Consumers’ Digital Shopping Wish List Online or Mobile, 2019.

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