Email Is an Essential Component in Marketing Strategy in the UK, 2016

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Email Is an Essential Component of Marketers’ Strategy in the UK, 2016 | DMA & dotmailer

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Looking at the previous years, email still an essential component of marketers’ strategy. Those saying the email was either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ totaled with a rate of 95% in 2016. The highest figure recorded, with 63% saying the email was ‘very important’. Only 1% of marketers surveyed said email marketing was ‘unimportant’.


dotmailer is a marketing automation platform with email at its core. Since 1999, they’ve been empowering global marketers with the tools and services that make it easy to get outstanding results. In July 2016 dotmailer launched their inaugural email marketing awards, which recognizes and celebrates the excellence of their customers and partners. dotmailer have offices in the UK, USA and Australia. So wherever you are and whatever time zone you might be in, there’ll always be someone to help.

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