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Generation-Z Internet Users’ Online Behaviors by Devices, 2019

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Since generation-Z Internet users were born into the era of smartphones, they’re more likely to be on their mobile devices than their computers compared to other generations, Gen-Zers are almost entirely dependent on their mobile devices for most daily tasks. From paying bills to banking to managing home security, such simple activities are now conducted almost exclusively from the convenience of Gen-Zers’ mobile devices. Since Gen-Zers prefer to operate on their mobile devices rather than on other technological mediums, brands have had to adapt the way that they engage with this generation.

Take a glance at the generation-Z Internet users’ online behaviors by devices in a typical month, 2019:

  • 95% of surveyed generation-Z Internet users reported that they used or visited a social network via their smartphones, compared to 76% who mentioned that they visited social networks via their PCs/Laptops.
  • 92% of surveyed generation-Z Internet users indicated that they used a chat or instant messaging service application through their smartphones, compared to 36% who reported that they used their PC/Laptops for the same purpose.
  • 91% said that they used their mobile devices to watch a video clip or for visiting a video sharing site, compared to 62% who indicated that they are using their PC/Laptop instead.
  • 90% of surveyed generation-Z Internet users mentioned that they are using their smartphones to visit or use search engines, compared to 76% who reported that they are using their PC/Laptop instead for the same purpose.
Generation Z Online Activities Mobiles vs PCs Laptops 2019

Figure Shows The GenZ Online Activities Mobiles vs PCs/Laptops, 2019.


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