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Over 6 in 10 Gig Economy Sellers Are Gen Zs or Millennials

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eCommerce has definitely thrived over the past couple of years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doing business online has its own advantages too because it gives vendors some unique advantages over their store-bound competitors. The biggest advantages are flexibility, speed, low costs, and high levels of data.

In this post, we will know more about profiling eCommerce buyers and sellers in the US.

Without further ado, let’s go through these insights…


Starting with buyers, the following chart shows each eCommerce platform attracts unique users. Let’s explore more…

Check the Gig Economy Sellers Insights in 2022 | DMC

eBay users:

  • As we see, eBay attracts 58% of male buyers, on the other hand, 41% only of females.
  • Based on the chart, 11% of eBay users are Gen Z, on the other hand, 28% of them are Millennials.
  • Moreover, 33% of Gen X, as well as 26% of Boomers.
  • Finally, 2% only of the Greatest Gen.

Etsy users:

  • On the other side, we can see that Etsy users are 65% of females, and 33% of males.
  • Looking at the chart, we can see that 18% of Etsy buyers are Gen Z, as well as 33% of Millennials.
  • Not only that but also, 30% of Gen x and 19% of Boomers.

Wish users:

  • Compared to Wish users, 51% of females of users, and 48% of males.
  • And based on the chart, 19% of users are Gen Z, and 33% are Millennials.
  • On the other hand, the biggest percentage goes to Gen X with 36%, as well as 12% of Boomers.

Check the Gig Economy Sellers Insights in 2022 | DMC

Also, 51% of eBay users say they spend time looking for the best deal, 37% of Etsy users buy clothes when they don’t strictly “need”, and over a quarter say they feel a personal connection with their favorite brands.


So, when it comes to sellers, they have unique interests, the following chart shows exactly what we’re talking about:

Check the Gig Economy Sellers Insights in 2022 | DMC

  • Also, note that over 6 in 10 gig economy sellers are Gen Zs or Millennials.
  • And nearly 4 in 10 are persons of color.
  • On the other hand, 39% of sellers have another gig economy job.

Check the Gig Economy Sellers Insights in 2022 | DMC

  • Based on the previous chart, 52% of gig economy sellers think that making money is important, on the other side, 43% of average Americans think the same.
  • Also, 46% of gig economy sellers think that learning new skills is important, as well as 39% of average Americans think the same.
  • On the other hand, 27% of gig economy sellers are concerned about job security as well as 22% of average Americans.
  • Finally, 17% of gig economy sellers and 12% of average Americans think that doing well at work is important.

For more insights about eCommerce buyers and sellers in the US, make sure to download the full insights here!


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