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Comparing Prices of Products in The Same Categories is The Most Important Factor That Makes a Great Online Consumer Experience With a Rate of 58%, 2017 | VISA

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Businesses that offer the best consumer experience will outperform and outlast their competition. Technology has opened enormous opportunities for businesses to take away pain points for their customers and add value in a new way. Customer experience has been defined as the quality of all of a consumer’s encounters with a company’s products, services, and brand. While a strong customer experience has been shown to produce significant results more customers, more sales, and more loyalty. While many companies still struggle to identify the plan of action that will best achieve them.

Take a glance at what makes a good online experience from the Asian online consumer’s point of view:

  • Ability to compare prices of products in the same categories is ranked as the most important factor that makes a good online experience with a rate of 58%.
  • A secured payment system is ranked as the second factor for a great online consumer experience at a rate of 53%.
  • Ease of checkout comes at next as a factor for a good online experience at a rate of 49%.
What Makes A Good Online Experience For Asian Internet Users.

A Chart Shows What Makes A Great Online Experience For Southeast Asian Consumers.


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