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Artificial Intelligence Adoption Will Provide More Time To Make Strategic Decisions & Will Reduce The Repetitive Processes At a Rate of 42%, 2018

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Artificial intelligence can consume and process large amounts of data painlessly at an accelerated level, its vast speed brings efficiency and productivity to almost all of the industries that use it, and as it continues to develop and become even more efficient. The abilities of computing capabilities have grown considerably, algorithms have become more refined, and more importantly, a large amount of big data has been generated globally, while data is the fuel for artificial intelligence. Now, most of the industries news comes from providers of artificial intelligence technology.

Take a glance at how European advertisers, publishers & agencies feel about how artificial intelligence will impact their jobs:

  • 42% of surveyed respondents reported that artificial intelligence will provide more time to make strategic decisions and will reduce the repetitive processes.
  • 40% of surveyed respondents mentioned that artificial intelligence will provide better access to relevant data to make decisions.
  • 15% of surveyed respondents said that it is going to be great, but they are not sure how it will impact their jobs just yet.
  • 3% indicated that artificial intelligence will be a threat to their jobs.
How European Advertisers, Publishers & Agencies Feel About How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Their Jobs.

A Chart Shows How European Advertisers, Publishers & Agencies Feel About How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Their Jobs.

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