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The Most Important Digital Revenue Stream Channels For Companies, 2019

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A revenue stream is a source of revenue for a company or an organization. The revenue model determines the types and sources of revenue that companies or businesses generate. Revenue types include product sales, service fees, advertising sales, data access fees, license fees, or even commissions. Ad-based revenue models entail creating ads for a specific website, service, app, or other product, and placing them on strategic, high-traffic channels. The subscription revenue model entails offering your customers a product or service that customers can pay for over a longer period of time, usually month to month, or even year to year.

Take a glance at the most important digital revenue streams for companies, in the year 2019:

  • Display advertising is ranked as the most important revenue stream by digital leaders survey at a rate of 81%.
  • Subscriptions are ranked as the second most effective revenue steam by digital leaders survey at a rate of 78%.
  • Native advertising comes next as an important revenue stream at a rate of 75%.
  • Events also listed by digital leaders survey as an important revenue stream with a rate of 48%.
Important Revenue Focus in 2019

A Graph Shows The Most Important Digital Revenue Streams for Companies, 2019.

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