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How Influencers Show Brands That Their Followers Are Genuine, 2019

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One of the major challenges in influencer marketing is identifying the relevant influencers. Brands need to make sure that each influencer they partner with is an expert in their industry or niche and is trusted and followed by a large number of people.
An influencer who has a large number of engaged followers who like, comment, and share their posts has a high engagement rate. A high engagement rate implies that the followers are interested in their content and are enjoying it, to gain the trust of their followers, influencers need to be authentic and their content needs to reflect their genuine passions towards their niches. A successful influencer is one who is able to inspire and motivate their followers with their unique content.

Take a glance at how influencers show brands that their followers are genuine, 2019:

  • 45% of surveyed influencers reported that they don’t get asked to prove the authenticity of their audience.
  • Engagement rate is ranked as one of the most used methods by influencers for proving that their followers are genuine for brands with a rate of 38%.
  • Audience analytics report is also ranked as an important method used by influencers to prove that their followers are authentic with a rate of 17%.
How Influencers Shows Brands That They Are Genuine, 2019

A Graph Showing How Influencers Show Brands That their followers are Genuine, 2019.


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