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Instagram & Snapchat Are the Most Preferred Social Platforms for Gen Zers in US, 2016 | Google & YouGov

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Unlike Millennials, Gen Zers are ambitious, engaged and feel like they can change the world. Their use of social media is also differentiating than other generations.

As a marketer targeted this generation, you’re in a bad need to know what gets them excited, and can often act as a manifestation of their hope and dreams.

Social media platforms become an integral part of their lives. Instagram and Snapchat are the coolest platforms for them with rates 59.6% and 56.4% respectively.

Although Facebook (52.8%) is still a daily habit for most teens for consumption and stalking, they rarely post and it’s not seen as cool as the previous platforms.

Most of Instagram and Snapchat  Gen Zers users are females with rates of 67.9% & 66.7% vs. 51.9% & 46.6% for males. This is different from Facebook which most of its Gen Zers users are males with a rate of 57.6% vs. 47.7% females.

Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook Are the Top 3 Social Platforms for Gen Z in US, June 2016 | Google & YouGov

Graphs Show the Social Media Usage Among Gen Zers in the US, June 2016.


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