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Online Purchases Are Largely Driven by The “Seamless” Qualities of Free Delivery With a Percentage of (60%)

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eCommerce shifted into a new gear when the world closed up shops in 2020.

However, how consumers shop online is set to change. With more consumers now shopping online, and brick-and-mortar footfall still down in many locations, retail is facing a new competitive frontier.

Also, it’s never been harder for brands to stand out, besides guiding their customers to the products they want. Anyhow, Livestream commerce may just be the solution.

Entertainment Is Just As Important As Support

Based on the Livestream commerce insights, 49% of consumers expect to shop online more frequently, even after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, given the context of a virus, aspects of the experience are beginning to feel stale.

The chart below shows the percentage of people who say the following would encourage them to buy a product when shopping online (in seven countries)

The Ultimate Livestream Commerce Insights in 2020 | DMC

  • Online purchases are largely driven by the “seamless” qualities of free delivery with a percentage of (60%) and easy checkout with a percentage of (43%).
  • Moreover, 29% of consumers want the experience to be entertaining.
  • According to Livestream commerce insights, The call for “entertainment” has come loudest from high-income earners with a percentage of (32%) and millennials with a percentage of (33%).

Introducing Livestream Commerce

Livestreams are already emerging in some parts of the globe as a way to incorporate entertainment into the shopping experience.

Anyhow, in October we saw the biggest signs to date that Livestream Commerce is gearing up for 2021:

  • Amazon Live took off during this year’s Prime Day.
  • Instagram brought shopping to Reels.
  • YouTube began testing shopping features.

A percentage of 29% of internet users across 7 countries frequently watch live streams from influencers they follow on social media. Also, among those who do that, 80% say they’re likely to buy products as a result.

The Ultimate Livestream Commerce Insights in 2020 | DMC

Check the full insights here.


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