The Most Used Messaging Application in The Arab World, 2017

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WhatsApp is The Most Used Messaging Application in The Arab World With a Rate of 89.3%, 2017 | Mbrsg & Bayt

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Social networks and messaging apps both provide platforms for people to connect and share content. A messaging app acts primarily as a one-to-one (or -few) communication mechanisms it can be temporary or long-lasting. The leading messaging apps are engaged in an all-out arms race for user acquisition with WhatsApp claiming the most truly global presence, but most are successfully pushing into new markets and growing at incredible speeds.

Take a glance at the most used messaging apps in the Arab world:

  • WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the Arab region with a rate of 89.3%.
  • Facebook messenger is ranked as the second most used application with a rate of 74.7%.
  • Sanpchat comes at next with a rate of 22.2%.

A Graph Shows The Most Used Messaging Apps in The Arab World, 2017.


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