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46% of Millennial Freelancers Are Most Likely to Have Used Their Savings

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According to the millennials in 2021 report, millennials are slowly becoming the benchmark of consumer behavior. Also, despite numerous setbacks, millennials remain positive. Furthermore, looking back at the beginning of 2020 they represented the single largest generation in the global full-time workforce (65%).

Let’s check these millennials’ insights in 2021.

46% of Millennial Freelancers Are Most Likely to Have Used Their Savings:

It is crucial to recognize that not all of the millennials have responded to the crisis in the same way. For instance, freelancers have found it most challenging to keep their work contracts, therefore they’re most likely to have used their savings (46%).

According to the millennials’ insights, students have been more likely than other millennial groups to have taken out a loan as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak (15%).

The Ultimate Millennials' insights in 2021 | DMC

  • Based on the following chart, 33% of all millennials say that their income is low.
  • On the other hand, 33% of them say that their income is medium.
  • However, 29% of millennials say their income is high.

However, when it comes to financial awareness:

  • On the other hand, 48% of other generations say the same too.
  • Moreover, only 38% of millennials say that they’re good at managing money. Along with 36% of other generations who say the same.
  • Furthermore, 36% of millennials have tracked their spending on their mobile in the past month. However, when it comes to other generations, they are only 32%.
  • 25% of millennials say they’re money-driven, along with 22% of other generations.

The Ultimate Millennials' insights in 2021 | DMC

69% of Millennials Watch Subscription Services Such as Netflix:

Streaming online TV has been one of the most popular activities during the  COVID-19 pandemic. Only under 6 in 10 millennials in early July said they’re watching more shows because of the  COVID-19 outbreak also a quarter said they’re going to continue to do so once the outbreak is over. Watching subscription services is their favorite type of online TV, with Netflix being their go-to platform globally.

The Ultimate Millennials' insights in 2021 | DMC

  • Based on the previous chart, 69% of millennials watch subscription services such as Netflix.
  • According to millennials’ insights in 2021, 61% of millennials watch a TV channel’s catch-up/ on-demand service.
  • However, only 53% of millennials say that they watch shows that they have recorded on TV.

Check the full insights here.


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