The Most Used Devices by Canadian Internet Users, 2018

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Laptop/Desktop is The Most Used Device by Canadian Online Shoppers in Purchasing a Product or a Service Online With a Rate of 82%, 2018 | Ayima Insights

E-Commerce & Retail | Canada

E-commerce is alive and well and reaches a large majority of consumers across several behaviors while buying online is getting close to universal yearly.
Mobile devices are increasingly becoming part of the daily life routine. This widespread use of mobile devices technology has attracted the attention of researchers and academicians to explore the ways and means of using it.

Take a glance at the most used mobile device by online shoppers in Canada:

  • 82% of surveyed Canadian online shoppers mentioned that they are using their laptop/desktop to buy a product or a service online, while only 27% who reported that they are using their smartphones.
  • 79% reported that they browse online with intention of buying something online using their laptop/desktop, while 34% who said that they use smartphones instead.
  • 79% indicated that they use their laptop/desktop to browse online with intention of buying something in-store, while 36% are using their smartphones to do this activity.

                    A Graph Shows The Used Devices in Canada For Each Activity, 2018.


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