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Credit Cards Are the Most Used Online Payment Method by South African Online Shoppers at a Rate of 45%, 2017 | EffectiveMeasure

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Online payment methods refer to the way shoppers can pay for their purchases over the Internet. An online payment method is presented at the checkout or payment page of the merchant and should have a clear recognition by the shopper through means of a well-known logo (e.g. Mastercard, PayPal) or common all-purpose words like ‘credit cards’, ‘bank transfer’ or ‘payment-on-delivery’. Alternative payment methods refer to online payment methods that are used as an alternative to credit card payment.

Take a glance the most used online payment method by South African online shoppers:

  • Credit cards are ranked as the most used online payment method with at a rate of 45%.
  • Debit cards are ranked as the second most used online payment method at a rate of 21 %.
  • Bank transfer comes at next as a used online shopping payment method with a rate of 20%.
The South African Online Shoppers Digital Payment Methods, 2017.

A Chart Shows The South African Online Shoppers Digital Payment Methods, 2017.


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