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Online Population in South Korea Reached 45.4 Million With 89.7% Penetration Rate in 2017 | PPRO

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The Republic of Korea is one of the original Asian Tiger economies and the owner of the fastest internet speed in the whole world. In 2017, the Republic reached about 45.4 million internet users from 50.6 million are the total population of the Republic; achieving a rate of 89.7% internet penetration.

South Korea’s B2C e-commerce market estimated at $38 billion in 2017 and is growing at a rate of 21% year over year. Clothing/footwear and media/entertainment are the most popular purchase categories.

It worth to be mentioned that mobile device plays a critical role in the e-commerce market in South Korea; that’s reflected by 39% of online purchases that were completed on mobile devices.

State of Internet & E-Commerce in South Korea and Internet Penetration

Infographic Shows the State of Internet & E-Commerce in South Korea, 2017 – PPRO

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