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Can’t Tell The Quality When Buying Online is a Barrier to Shop Online in Canada With a Rate of 71%, 2018 | Ayima Insights

E-Commerce & Retail | Canada

Competition is no longer limited to local shops during business hours. Consumers today are shopping all the time and everywhere and in a truly global online marketplace, products can easily be purchased from retailers and manufacturers located anywhere in the world.
Have you ever wondered about which are the biggest consumer concerns that are a barrier to do an online purchase? A variety of reasons have relevance as barriers to those who don’t buy online now. A perceived price advantage offline, spending control issues and alike of shopping are among the least wide-spread of those tested.

Take a glance at the Canadian barriers to shop online:

  • 71% reported that they can’t tell the quality when buying online.
  • 67% mentioned that there is too much hassle to return things.
  • 66% said that they like to try on or touch the products before purchasing.
  • 64% indicated that they worry about their personal information security.
Major Barriers to Shop Online in Canada, 2018.

                                                             A Graph Shows Canadian Barriers to Shop Online, 2018.


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