The Most Predicted Chat-bots Usage Cases, 2018

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Getting a Quick Answer in an Emergency Is the Most Predictive Usage of Chatbots in USA at a Rate of 37%, 2018 | Drift

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The word chatbots is a derivative of “chat robots,” understood as machine agents that serve as natural language user interfaces to data and services through text or voice. Chatbots allow users to ask questions or make commands in their everyday language and to get the needed content or service in a conversational style. If chatbots gain the expected popular uptake, this technology will dramatically change the way people interact with data and services online. It has been predicted that such a conversational disruption may reduce service provider motivation to invest in apps and rather prioritize chat-bots as a channel for reaching out to users.

Take a glance at the most predictive usage cases for chatbots:

  • Getting a quick answer in an emergency is ranked as the most predictive usage for chatbots with a rate of 37%.
  • Resolving a complaint or problem is ranked as the second most usage case for chatbots with a rate of 35%.
  • Getting detailed answers or explanations comes at next as a predictive case for using chatbots with a rate of 35%.

A Graph Shows The Predicted Usage Cases of Chatbot in 2018.


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