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Preferred Methods of Learning About New Products & Services, 2019

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While video seemed like the answer to overcoming content overload and capturing audience attention, the competition for creating high-quality, engaging and compelling videos is growing. It is more critical than ever to make sure that these videos are a strategic and thoughtful piece of the overall content marketing mix. The products and services demos and explaining videos lead the pack in terms of the most common types of videos being created. This type of content highlights the companies and brands products or service offerings, and expertise in a visual way, more forms of video such as how-to, live streams, social media and those focused on company culture are becoming more widely used and seen.

Take a glance at how customers prefer to learn about brands new products or services, 2019:

  • Short videos are ranked as the most preferred method for surveyed customers to learn about new products or services with a rate of 68%.
  • Test-based article, website or post comes at next as a preferred method that surveyed consumers reported that the like to learn about new products or services at a rate of 15%.
  • Electronic book, manual, and presentation/pitch are also listed as a preferred method for learning about new products and services at a rate of 4%.
  • Infographics, sales calls or demos comes at next as a preferred method of learning about new products or services with a rate of 3%.
How Consumers prefer to learn about new products or services 2019

A Chart Shows How Customers Prefer To Learn About New Products & Services, 2019.


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