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Targeting The Right Audience is The Biggest Challenge That Companies Facing Regarding Programmatic Advertising With a Rate of 31%, 2018 | Adweek

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Programmatic advertising, with its ability to target users with known behaviors, is rightly heralded as a dramatic improvement on the old spray and pray of display advertising. But its implementation requires a healthy tech stack and marketing strategy. Last-click attribution is insufficient in showing the true value of programmatic advertising to marketing as a whole.
Programmatic marketing has gained serious traction in the past few years. Naturally, this means the problems that come with it have advanced too.

Take a glance at the top challenges that face companies regarding programmatic advertising:

  • 31% reported that targeting the right audience is their important challenge regarding programmatic advertising.
  • 31% indicated that measurement and metrics is a challenge for their companies about programmatic advertising.
  • 26% mentioned that they are facing the lack of knowledge challenge in their programmatic advertising.
The Challenges of Programmatic Advertising that Face Companies, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Challenges of Programmatic Advertising that Face Companies, 2018.

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