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Organic Social Media Is The Most Successful Channels for APAC Marketers, 2016 | AdRoll

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Marketers use many different channels in order to attract and convert customers at each of these different stages.
While certain channels may work best for certain customers, the important thing for marketers to remember is that they should try to extend their reach to as many different customers as possible.

This includes running campaigns across multiple channels and across many devices:

  • The social media sits at the top marketing channels, 40% Prefers organic social media, while 35% prefers the paid social media.
  • 36% Prefers the Programmatic display advertising (Programmatic ties your ads to the web, social, mobile and beyond).
  • 15% Prefers Traditional media buying.
  • Events, organic search rate are at the end of the chart by rate from 10%-11%.
Programmatic Display Advertising & Social Media Are The Most Successful Channels for APAC Marketers | AdRoll

A Graph Shows The Most Used Channels for Attracting Customers by Surveyed Marketers.


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