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Top Factors That Influences Consumers Purchasing Decisions On Amazon, 2019

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The world’s largest online retailer has grown from its humble bookselling beginnings to influence nearly every aspect of the consumer buying experience, from browsing to ordering to returning. The purchasing decisions factors are contributing to the development of new pricing strategies, influenced by customer expectations and demand. Retailers need to leverage technology to enhance their customers’ decision journeys as well as their buying experience. Consumers love to shop online because it’s easy, comfortable, and often comes with significant price savings. It hasn’t always been this way, but over the last few years, Amazon has successfully changed the way people shop all over the world.

Check the top factors that influence purchasing decisions on Amazon, 2019:

  • Price is ranked as the main factor that influences consumers in their buying decisions on Amazon with a rate of 41.1%.
  • Quality of shopping experience is ranked as the second top factor that influences the purchasing decisions of surveyed consumers when it comes to buying products on Amazon with a rate of 22.7%
  • The number of ratings or reviews comes next as a factor that influences surveyed consumers in their buying decision on Amazon with a rate of 7.7%.
  • The prior experience of the product/brand is also ranked as a factor that influences the purchasing decisions on Amazon by surveyed consumers with a rate of 9.1%.
factors that influence the purchasing decisions of products from Amazon 2019

A Graph Shows The Top Factors That Influence Consumers Purchasing Decisions From Amazon, 2019.

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