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It is Easier to Return Purchases Online is The Top Reason to Ship Back to a Retailer With a Rate of 50%, 2017 | UPS

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Online shoppers attitudes of making a ship back to a retailer are changing.  Although a majority of shoppers prefer to return items to a store, the percentage of shoppers who shipped back to the retailer is growing through the years. For many, it’s simply more convenient and flexible, and free shipping on returns offered by many retailers is also shifting behavior. Half of the shoppers reported that it was easier to return online purchases more than returning it to physical stores.

Take a glance at the top reasons to ship back to a retailer from the online consumer’s point of view:

  • It is easier to return purchases online is ranked as the first reason to ship back to a retailer with a rate of 50%.
  • Free returning shipping is listed as the second reason to ship back to a retailer with a rate of 47%.
  • The retailer is an online store only come at next with a rate of 39%.
The Top Reasons top Ship Back to Retailers.

A Graph Shows The Top Reasons top Ship Back to Retailers.

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