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Facebook Is the Most Used Social Network Platform by Millennials in 2018 | GlobalWebIndex

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Which social networks do Millennials use the most?

Who do they prefer to “follow” on these networks?

According to a study by GlobalWeblndex, Millennials are spending about 2 hours and 38 minutes on social media each day. They’re not spending this on just one platform, as the typical Millennial Internet user having an average of over 9 social media accounts. Multi-networking is now the norm.

With filling up spare time (44%) one of the key reasons cited for using social media, it is unsurprising that some Millennials are visiting social networks but not posting. 38% of Facebookers and 31% of Instagrammers say they logged in just to see what’s going on in the last month on those services.

Given that 93% of Millennials are accessing social networks on smartphones, filling in time while on-the-go goes some way to explaining the tendency for passive browsing. However, on most of the major platforms, most members are visiting/using on a monthly basis. This guarantees that ads and content can be delivered and revenues generated.

The Most Used Social Networks by Millennial Generation

  • Facebook is ranked as the most used social network by millennials with a rate of 88% memberships.
  • YouTube is ranked as the second most used social network with a rate of 83% millennial membership.
  • The Facebook messenger comes next with a rate of 77%.
 Top Social Networks Used By Millennials, 2018.

A Graph Shows the Top Social Networks Used By Millennials in 2018.

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How to Use Social Media Channels to Reach Millennials? 

Are you struggling to make millennials engage with your Facebook page?

Lots of companies are having a problem in how they can connect with Generation Y, people whose ages are between 18 and 34.

The below infographic shows the reasons for millennials to use social media platforms. Moreover, which companies and people they are following on social media channels.

How to Reach the Millennial Generation With Social Media

A Figure Shows Why Millennials Use Social Networking Services besides their Drivers to Follow People or Organizations on Social Media


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