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Watching a Tutorial Video Which Explains How to Do Something is The Most YouTube Action Done by Social Video Viewers at a Rate of 49%, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex

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Facebook and YouTube dominate this landscape, as the notable majorities of the Internet users are using each of these sites. At the same time, the video-sharing site YouTube which contains a variety of social functions, even if it is not a traditional social media platform it is now used by almost all of the social video viewers.

Take a glance at the most YouTube actions done by social video viewers in 2018:

  • Watching a tutorial video which explains how to do something is the most YouTube action done by social video viewers on YouTube at a rate of 49%.
  • Watching an educational video is ranked as the most action done on YouTube at a rate of 41%.
  • Watching a video posted by a celebrity or a vlogger come at next as an action done by social video viewers at a rate of 34%.
The Social Viewers Attitudes on YouTube, 2018.

A Graph Shows The YouTube Actions Done by Social Video Viewers in 2018.


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