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Demographics Data is The Most Used Data Type by Digital Marketers to Target Their Audience With a Rate of 95%, 2018 | Salesforce

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The number of data sources available to inform digital advertising continues to grow. Each contributes to a single objective, targeting the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Building a personal brand is useless unless you target the right audience. A target audience is a specific group of people with shared characteristics who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Businesses typically use demographic information to define their target audience.
There are three primary categories of data available, customer relationship management (CRM) data, online data, and demographic data.

Take a glance at the most data types that used by digital marketers in 2018:

  • Demographic data is ranked as the first data type used by marketers to target their audience at a rate of 95%.
  • CRM-based data is ranked as the second most used data type in the targeting audience process with a rate of 94%.
  • Online data comes at next as a data type that used in the digital advertising with a rate of 90%.
The Most Used Data Type by Marketers in The Targeting Audience Process in 2018.

A Graph Shows The Most Used Data Types For Digital Advertising in 2018.


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