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Data & Ai-driven Marketing is The Most Difficult Tactic to Be Implemented in a Digital Marketing Strategy With a Rate of 49%, 2019

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Digital marketing strategies focus on establishing personal, corporate, and product brand positioning, lead generation, enhancing brand equity, products, and process development. Internal and external marketing is used for conducting consumer research. Digital marketing encloses several activities such as social media, blogging and online communities where relationships are created and maintained through a network established between different stakeholders. Digital marketing has become an important factor in influencing various aspects of consumer behavior including brand awareness, information acquisition, opinions, attitudes, purchase behavior, and post-purchase communication and evaluation.

Take a glance at the most difficult tactics to be implemented in a digital marketing strategy 2019:

  • Data & AI-driven marketing is ranked as the most difficult tactic to be implemented by surveyed digital marketers with a rate of 49%.
  • Content marketing campaigns are ranked as the second most difficult tactic to be implemented in a digital marketing strategy at a rate of 38%.
  • Programmatic advertising comes at next as a difficult tactic by surveyed marketers to be deployed in a marketing strategy with a rate of 34%.
  • Search engine optimization is listed also as a difficult tactic by surveyed digital marketers with a rate of 33%.
Difficult Digital Marketing Tactics to be deployed 2019

A Graph Shows The Most Difficult Digital Tactics To Be Implemented in a Marketing Strategy, 2019.


Research-Based Marketing

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