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ROI Attribution is The Main Objective of The In-House Programmatic Buying by USA Marketers at a Rate of 47%

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Taking programmatic in-house is an increasingly popular option for marketers, programmatic has been a must-have in the advertising industry, offering a quick and typically cost-effective avenue for automated ad buys and placements. While this advertising tactic has been historically handled by media agencies, brands are more and more looking to bring this branch of their overall advertising strategy in house. Brands are moving to in-house programmatic buying due to the lack of control that brands felt with this approach has led them to put themselves in the driver seat of their programmatic ad placements.

Take a glance at the top objectives of the in-house programmatic buying by USA marketers:

  • ROI attribution is ranked as the top objective of the in-house programmatic buying by surveyed marketers at a rate of 47%.
  • Better audience targeting and campaign effectiveness are ranked as the second top objectives of buying in-house programmatic at a rate of 44%.
  • Cost efficiency comes at next as an objective of in-house programmatic buying at a rate of 38%.
  • Real-time optimization also listed as an objective of buying programmatic in-house at a rate of 34%.
Programmatic in-house objectives 2018

A Graph Shows The In-house Programmatic Buying Objectives, 2018.

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