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94% of Marketers in UAE Believe “Influencer Marketing” Benefits Their Brands, 2017 | YouGov, BPG Cohn & Wolfe

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Using social media influencers on driving consumer’s brand awareness, especially among Millennials, has reached record highs in the UAE thanks to its powerful impact in achieving marketing objectives and reach target audience more effectively.

That’s reflected by 94% of in-house marketers in UAE who said that engaging with social media influencers benefits their brands with almost half of them (49%) already work with social media marketing influencers to market their brands.

39% of respondents claimed that the top attribute should be in a social media influencer is to be a popular person in the community and have a large number of followers and appealing content. That’s why finding relevant influencers is the top challenge faced 55% of marketers who work with social media influencers as they indicated.

In terms of the budgets for social media marketing, 43% of respondents said that they have spent anywhere from between US$1000-10,000 per social media influencer campaign in the UAE, while 34% said that they would spend anywhere between US$10,000-50,000 on a single social media influencer campaign. The good thing here is that 63% of respondents believe that fees requested by social media influencers are “reasonable”.

How Marketers in UAE Use Social Media Influencers for their Brands, 2017 - UAE Influencer Marketing Survey 2018

Infographic Shows How Marketers in UAE Use Social Media Influencers for Their Brands in 2017


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