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78% of Executives in US Are Using First Name Personalization in Email Marketing, Nov. 2017 | Liveclicker & Relevancy Group

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Nearly half of the organizations in the US are utilizing personalization across their website, display targeting, social and email marketing efforts. In terms of the most utilized online personalization tactics, 78% of the executives surveyed indicated that they currently use first name personalization tactic in email marketing. 59% are using personalized email content on real-time data, while 55% are using dynamic content in email marketing.

Social retargeting of email responders/non-responders and website content based on real-time data, i.e. location are among the top tactics that executives in the US are planning to use in the next 12 months.

First Name Personalization Tactic in Email Marketing Is Most Used in US

A Graph Shows the Most Used Online Personalization Tactics in the US Within November 2017.


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