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2018 USA Holiday Outlook | PwC

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The majority of US consumers (84%) plan to spend the same or more this holiday as they did last year. They’re willing to spend an average of $1,250 each this holiday on gifts, travel, and entertainment, an increase of 5% over last year. Read more insights into US consumers’ behavior and how they’ll shop, what drives their purchasing decisions and their holiday travel.

US Shoppers Are Ready To Spend More This Holiday Season

  • High-earning Millennials (aged 23-36) with annual household incomes of $70,000 or more are more likely to spend the same or more during this holiday shopping season.
  • Males are more likely to spend more than females ($1,418 for males vs. $1,090 for females).
  • Suburban consumers plan to spend more this holiday shopping than others in large cities & small towns.

US Consumers Behavior During 2018 Holiday Season

  • This holiday, 91% of US consumers will shop in-stores, 84% will shop online, and 75% will shop both online and in stores.
  • 7 out of 10 of US consumers said brand trust influences shopping decisions.
  • Credit cards are the key payment methods for three-quarters of holiday shoppers.
  • In terms of using the smartphone for shopping, 39% of shoppers will use “buy” buttons via smartphone and 25% will click on shoppable photos.
2018 USA Holiday Outlook | PwC 1 | Digital Marketing Community

The Use of Smartphone Devices During 2018 Holiday Shopping Season in the US


Data is based on an online survey of 2,071 consumers in the USA.


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