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2018 Trends in Personalization in the US, UK, India, Canada and Germany | Evergage

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What customers want and what businesses think they want are often two different things. In the digital era, personalization has risen steadily in recent decades and has been largely a ‘south to north’ phenomenon. Evergage and Researchscape International surveyed 300 marketing professionals from the US, the UK, India, Canada and Germany in 19 different industries to gain a better understand the behavior, usage, and attitudes of marketing professionals toward personalization.

Take a sneak peek at the top line findings of 2018 Trends in Personalization:

Marketers’ Attitudes Toward Personalization

  • Almost all marketers believe that personalization has at least some impact on advancing customer relationships, with nearly 74% believe that personalization has a “strong” or “extreme” impact on advancing customer relationships.
  • 88% of respondents claimed that they believe that their prospects/customers expect a personalized experience, with just 31% believe that they’re currently getting personalization right.

A Graph Shows the Impact of Personalization on Advancing Customer Relationships

Personalization Usage and Satisfaction

  • In general, 77% of marketers in the US, the UK, India, Canada and German reported that they’re applying personalization to emails and 52% are personalizing their websites.
  • B2C companies are more likely to personalize their mobile apps (45%), while B2B companies are more likely to personalize email (80%) and website (50%).
  • 70% of marketers are moderately or slightly satisfied with their current personalization efforts, 18% are not satisfied at all, while 12% are very or extremely satisfied.
  • More than half of marketers (55%) feel they don’t have sufficient data and insights to drive effective personalization. 58% of these companies are B2B ones.

A Graph Shows the Availability of Data and Insights for Effective Personalization in B2B and B2C Companies in 2018

Personalization Formats and Types

Personalization Measurement and Budgets

  • More than half of marketers (51%) of digital marketers measure the value of their personalization efforts by looking at improvements in conversion rates, while 49% look at the clickthrough rate.
  • Increasing visitor engagement (55%), improving customer experience (55%) and improving brand perception (39%) are the top three benefits of personalization.
  • 60% plan to maintain their spending on personalization at the same level, while only 37% plan to increase their investment in personalization.
  • 42% of marketers not currently using machine learning/algorithmic personalization plan to do in the next year.

A Graph Shows the Planned Investment in Personalization in 2018


Data were driven from 300 marketing professionals from five countries in 19 different industries. 93% of respondents were located in the US. Another 2% each were from India, the UK, Canada, and Germany. (Total exceeds 100% due to rounding).


Founded in 2010 and based in Somerville, MA, Evergage is a personalization and customer data platform (CDP) combines in-depth behavioral analytics with advanced machine learning and provides the one platform marketers need to systematically understand and interact with each person that visits their website, uses their app or opens their emails – one at a time, “in the moment” and at scale – to deliver a maximally relevant, individualized experience.

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